Well of Innovation

Well of Innovation

Through our innovation and use of the latest technology we offer a range of intelligent software applications and solutions, all designed to deliver optimised performance on demand.

Enhance your equipment and drilling operations by combining our superior safety and operational performance with a range of superior technical solutions.

The technology is proven to maximize rig and equipment uptime, increase safety, improve ROP and can offer earlier well delivery.

+veDRILL TurnRight

Software products that seek to significantly improve drilling efficiency by increasing time on bottom and reducing downhole problems. They include FX-Control, our drive towards rig remote control.

+veDRILL Insight

Our data analytics tools evaluate and analyse performance to create continuous improvement cycles. For one client, we allow the use of big data analytical methods to dissect 15 years of drilling data from across their worldwide fleet – more rigorously and with more insight than ever before.

+veDRILL Enhance

Kenera has developed tools to aid our crews and make procedural compliance a choice that people consciously take. Our innovations in this area support personnel in making the right choice with the right information and with the understanding that a course of action will affect not only their own safety, but the safety of others and the overall operation.

+veDRILL Maintain

Through 24/7 real-time support and remote equipment monitoring, early alert systems are in place and failures can very often be resolved without the need for technicians to travel to the rig site – driving down cost.

+veDRILL Design

We are at the forefront of simulation in design and digital enablement. Our animation teams provide highly efficient procedure overviews in step-by-step detail. These are used to communicate engineering scopes which are spread across multiple drawings, models and reports.

+veDRILL Future

From engineering design through to equipment manufacture and well construction, our closed feedback loop ensures continuous innovation at every stage of the process.

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