Digital Handheld Scanner

Digital Handheld Scanner

Brownfield Engineering Transformation Solution - Saving cost and time.

Kenera’s new portable scanning solution is designed to support modifications such as the repair of pipework defects. It eradicates unnecessary downtime for initial investigations, removes the mobilisation of a surveyor to the asset, due to trained crews and consequently, accelerates the response time. This application has the potential to greatly reduce the cost and time associated with engineering projects and minimise the risks to people.

Designed with Expertise

The application of a digital handheld laser scanner to support brownfield modifications provides proven and proprietary technology from a company backed by more than 130 years of operational and engineering expertise.

What does it do?

The solution utilises a portable digital handheld laser scanner and provides an easy-to-use method for surveying specific site areas where a compromised item has been detected.

Scanned data is then transferred digitally to the in-house team who model the data using our piping specifications and catalogues to automate the drawing process for replacement part fabrication. Depending on the requirements, this process can be carried out within a working day accelerating the time to provide the customer with a solution.

How does it work?

Through the placement of magnetic targets, laid around the site to create common points of reference between scans, an overall point cloud is created to assist engineering design and precision in the fabrication of the replacement spool. Multiple scans of a larger area can also be captured and intelligently modelled against your digital twin. The scanner captures an as-built scene, delivering fast, photorealistic and highly accurate 3D representations from even the most confined spaces, enabling the production of the most efficient and dimensionally accurate engineered solution. Application of the device also supports precision in the fabrication of the replacement item.

Benefits, Features and Applications

Cost and time savings
93% cost savings in your operations

  • Less Personnel on Board (POB), reduced project lead times and mitigation of any unplanned downtime

Safe operations and mitigating risks
85% decrease in exposure risk to your people

  • Following a hands-off philosophy for reduced confined space entry with an easy-to-use handheld device

Operational efficiencies
80% faster scan capture than a tripod scanner

  • Provides increase planned maintenance and early detection of issues

Additional benefits

  • More than 20 years of piping specifications
  • Digital libraries of catalogues and specifications
  • Multi-discipline specialists across engineering
  • Drilling systems expertise
  • Seamless integration of KCA Deutag operations,
    maintenance and IT
  • Integration across broader energy assets
  • Real-time visualisation of data captured
  • Data accuracy, to half millimetre, for model generation and fabrication
  • Remote training (circa 2hrs) for users of scanner at site
  • Support help desk
  • General pipework and structural survey
  • General repair work

Service can also support

  • Joint integrity
  • Hose management
  • Asset integrity
  • Oil and gas – on-and-offshore
  • Industrial/ commercial
  • Utilities/ power generation
  • Chemical

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