Technology and Engineering

Technology and Engineering

We are creating efficiencies through technology and engineering to develop applications for oil & gas, emissions reduction, green fuel and clean energy.

Our multi-disciplinary technology & engineering division seamlessly integrates into project delivery teams to formulate fit-for-market energy solutions.

A rigorous workflow system combined with the use of smart database software ensures a cohesive approach and fully traceable development history.

Engineering Expertise

Rig Design

Specialising in drilling rigs and drilling packages for mobile drilling units equipped to operate in the harshest of environments, taking a project from the drawing board to front-end engineering design.

Rig Reactivation and Modification

From minor piping reconfigurations to entire rig reactivations, we provide engineering services throughout all stages of a project, supporting brownfield modifications around the world.

Emissions Optimisation

Our Carbon Emissions Monitoring (CEM) technology allows for the calculation, in real time, of emissions from drilling equipment, to allow for the design and implementation of innovative reduction measures and activities.

Conceptual Engineering and Consultancy

Specialising in the delivery of high-quality concept studies, our group of experts provide enhanced focus in the early stages of major projects while also offering drilling facilities and operations across all types of rigs.

Construction and Commissioning Support

Providing specialist drilling input during the construction and commissioning phases of new-build and modification projects, working hand-in-hand with the shipyard or topside contractor.

Decarbonised Energy System

To support our customers’ net zero targets, we are advancing the adoption of new energy sources and technologies. This includes the development of decentralised and containerised electrolyser solutions to support the production of green hydrogen.

Offshore Substation

We have developed an offshore substation concept that is lightweight, modular and scalable. It has been designed to adapt to standard wind turbine foundations – both fixed bottom and floating wind structure – and can be installed by a standard installation vessel.

Digital Twin Cloud

Digital transformation to provide high-end animations using the latest technologies.  Our team is experienced in converting engineering drawings, documents and photos into 3D modelled geometry and real-life environments that communicate procedures in an easy to understand way.

Discover one of our applications here – transforming brownfield modifications.

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