We design and manufacture innovative energy infrastructure and components for the hydrocarbons and renewables markets.

We specialise in creating customised solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

Our world-leading manufacturing division produces high quality, durable energy infrastructure, mechanical and electrical equipment and power systems. We have manufacturing and servicing facilities in excess of 200,000 sqm in key locations including Bad Bentheim, Germany and Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman.


Advanced technology for drilling operations. Our Bentec team design, engineer and manufacture complete customised drilling rigs including rig mast and substructures. Customised offshore, desert and arctic rig design incorporating mechanised, automated and digital solutions and energy saving technologies.

Spare Parts

Support for Asset Managers, Maintenance Planners and Procurement professionals through site-specific spares lists and the supply of certified parts. All of our lists contain information outlining capital, insurance and wear and tear parts, as well as recommended stock levels.

Mechanical Drilling Rig Equipment

High-grade mechanical drilling components such as top drives, drawworks, drive systems, mud pumps and pipe handling equipment designed and manufactured to be durable, cost-effective and trouble-free for harsh and hostile environments.

Electrical Drilling Rig Equipment

Sophisticated electrical equipment and control systems perfectly aligned with both external and company-own mechanical products and standards. Power Control Rooms and Control Systems, including all required VFD and SCR Systems for main drives.

Power Technologies

VFD technologies; power distribution systems; power distribution systems including inverters, soft starters, control and automation systems; grid containers

Battery Energy Storage System

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) using battery modules, consisting of Battery Power Control Rooms (BPCRs) equipped with battery racks, power & auxiliary panels, main circuit breakers and heating/ventilation & air conditioner (HVAC) system.


Hydrocarbon and renewable energy infrastructure components with a team of technicians providing servicing, operations and maintenance.

Onshore Wind Turbines

Supply, development and manufacturing of ‘maxcap’ wind turbines – a unique base load-optimised wind turbine with 2.3MW rated output and 141m rotor diameter, which has been optimized for low-wind locations.

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