Urenco selects Kenera for Battery Energy Storage System

Urenco selects Kenera for Battery Energy Storage System

Kenera has been awarded a contract to deliver its Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) technology to nuclear enrichment services provider Urenco in Germany.

The award will see Kenera custom-build a 10.3 Megawatt Hour (MWh) BESS that will optimise energy efficiency at Urenco’s facility in Gronau, Germany, supporting a reduction in energy costs and carbon emissions.

Urenco will utilise the system to help store electrical energy from an integrated solar farm at the plant to enable that power to be discharged, when required, during peak periods. The customised solution, that recharges during lower demand periods, will deliver improved energy security to Urenco as well as lowering the plant’s overall energy consumption.

Gordon Ronaldson, SVP, Kenera, commented: “This award reflects the Group’s position as a technology partner in clean energy applications. We are extremely proud of the Kenera BESS solutions developed in-house by our team in Germany. This customised system will further contribute to Urenco’s sustainability goals for a low carbon future.”

Thomas Bussmann, Head of Engineering & Projects at Urenco Deutschland commented: “We are pleased that this large and future oriented project is now being translated from theory into practice and that we are now taking the first visible steps.”

Rob Little, Head of Group Sustainability from Urenco added: “As part of our ongoing sustainability efforts to support the world’s demand for low carbon energy we have selected Kenera’s BESS to improve energy efficiency at our plant in Gronau. The implementation of this customised technology solution will help us reduce both costs and carbon emissions.”